The Most Useful Advice on Choosing the Best Developer

Recent development in technology has created a need to have applications or software in the day to day running of business and projects. Successful companies, enterprises or project managers argue that having an application or software provide opportunity hub. However, having the best software developer for a project can make the difference on the success of the project or its failure.

This paper provides the most useful advice on choosing the best developer. With enormous application and software developers, projects and businesses may struggle to pick the right candidate. A stepwise analysis of different factors will provide a precise understanding of the nature of the market and requirements that help define developers to the specific needs of the project or business.

Check their portfolio

Choosing the best developer is premised on the succinct evaluation of application developer portfolio. Narrowly defining the user base for an application developer may not be a prerequisite since it fails to integrate the software development lifecycle and specific qualifications the developer offers. The best approach of checking these portfolios is first, identifying top 10 mobile app development companies.

Secondly, the portfolios will be categorized not on what they offer but the future interest of the business for which the application will be used. A good developer should share the same aspirations so that they will be guiding through the processes of development.

The third prequalifying attribute from the portfolio is the assessment of their ability to give creative inputs that are based on the experiences and referrals on similar applications. That is, their portfolio should succinctly show that they have vast experience to guide people seeking their services that they have mastered what works and what does not work for a particular business.

As a business that seeks to build an application that works with clients within or across industries, understanding developer’s portfolio will not only save a few thousand dollars but will help develop a brand to have a competitive edge in the market.

Relying on the reviews

Questions have been raised on the authenticity of online reviews especially when choosing a mobile application developer that while helping the business zero on the expected consumer base. Online reviews are not about the fluency the developer can be on a given application or program. Instead, their reviews should show ability towards problem-solving skills and that; their reviews show an open-ended questioning.

Choosing the best developer
Three options allow one to assess the reviews to hire the person, not the program praised.

Look on the internet

When looking for an android certified application developer, for instance, the reviews should provide open-ended interaction between the developer and customers so that one understands that they are not just good developers but have excellent skills in areas such as U/UX skills.

Ask in the forums

Instead of relying on internet reviews to help decision-making processes, asking questions will help one understand specific areas where the developer possesses the expertise. Secondly, it will help one realize whether they are that good. While every developer will have a skill set they are good at, asking questions in different forums will help one understand that after all, not all developers are excellent in every language noting that just a few global companies can provide the rare exception in this case.

Finding previous clients

It is not about the anonymous comments and reviews one can read online. Instead, meeting their previous clients will not only verify the authenticity of their comments but help in understanding the technical tools they put into their expertise in the development of the applications that at the long run, produce the best solution that the market demands.

Dream team

There is often a thin line between application developer vs software developer. The distinctiveness between the two is to have a developer who will give the application development up to date technologies so that the application can meet current trends in the market. The success of the software developed is not about the expertise but having a team of expertise and or developers who will help the in adapting to the changes in the market.
Picking a developer based on their reviews and clarity of their portfolio will offer one thing but having a dream team that knows the current trends and future trends will give the business competitiveness. Some of the best iOS and android app developers have continued to remain relevant in the market because they can update themselves and have further experiments on the market needs.

Finding the right dream team further means neglecting the cost factor. While it will be a common phenomenon to consider cost as a factor when recruiting dream team, most application development organizations recommend that with a good team, it is about investing that will ultimately, give a return. With a dream team, we are not incurring in the person but investing for future gains.

Price and quality

When sourcing for software application developer, price, and quality are two inseparable entities. In most cases, the lowest cost will not give the best developer as such ventures will turn out to be more expensive in the long run. For instance, hiring a lowly ranked mobile app development company will only provide low quality software that might force the business to redo the development or application with another developer.

A balance between price and quality allows one to trim the list of suitable developers because the rate of return on investment of the project should be at par if not higher than the investment put to develop the application or software. However, there is a need to examine proposals and prospectus’ hidden costs and whether the expenses are giving the needed quality. In some cases, developers will charge extra especially in document management and maintenance.

While such hidden charges will ensure quality, it is essential to consider the quality, the pricing model, and future alignment of these variables with business or project sustainability. Overspending on the hidden costs just because of quality might turn out to be unsustainable especially with startup businesses.


The most useful advice on choosing the best developer remains multifaceted noting the thin line between software developers and application developers. Nonetheless, with the current market scenarios, the best strategy of choosing the right developer is to have a clear idea of the present and future project prospects. Secondly, make a decision based on their portfolios, but such decisions abode well with the business needs.

We conclude that a decision on the developer should consider business challenges, market needs, quality, and price. While the factors mentioned above may not be the ultimate points for considerations, they provide clear-cut strategies for assessing the developer’s maintenance policies and after-sale service. Again, a balance between the cost and quality will help understand developers’ application or software development models.

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