Business in Facebook: Tips and Tricks

Apps for business have become a crucial innovation in the recent past. As a result, various business promotion ideas have been employed, with Facebook dominating the campaign. Facebook is regarded as the best social and networking site in the world today. It boasts a global membership of more than 500 million users, with this figure anticipated to rise in. Initially, Facebook was widely used by college students as a social platform. With time, usage became diversified to accommodate other users. For instance, corporations and companies have taken this technological advancement to build up the companies’ image and reputation and for business promotion. The modern cooperate industry is using Facebook as a potent promotion tool. Business managers need to realize this and boost their businesses. There are several tips and tricks you can use to grow your business with Facebook.

Create a Business Page

There are several ways in which apps for business can be used to grow a business. The professionals who use social media marketing world insists on creation of a Facebook business profile. First, you should create a business page to represent your business brand and not a personal profile. Many business managers make the mistake of creating individual accounts for their business. Personal accounts are limited to meeting the business need and hence a disadvantage. Setting a personal profile for your business means it is like a person. Users and potential customers have to send a friend request to connect and engage. The limitation posed by this approach is that most people are cautious in adding a business as a friend meaning you remain friendless and alone on Facebook. Therefore, creating a Facebook page for your business is recommended. Users can easily connect with you by merely pressing the like button on your page.

Using Facebook to grow your business

Every click on the like button means you have gained one extra user. Also, a page has no limitation on the number of people who can like it thereby growing your customers’ pool immeasurably. Every update you post in the page appears in the users’ news feed. Updates let your followers engage with you comfortably without them feeling like you are invoking them. Besides, having a page gives you access to content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities and analytics. Importantly, a page makes your business official and professional. To make a business Facebook Page effective, engage the following practices.

Set a custom URL

After creating a Business page, Facebook randomly allocates it a long, unpleasant string of letters and numbers as the pages’ URL which makes it difficult for business owners to direct customers to like their business page. Hence, to make it more appealing, it is crucial to create an identifiable custom URL. A custom URL for apps for business should clearly describe the business and simple to remember.

Add an appealing cover photo

A cover photo is an essential tool in representing your business brand. It should look good and be consistent with the brand. Although it is not the most robust tool in brand representation, it is quite essential. Therefore, the choice of cover photo matters. A business owner will miss out on the opportunity if they only pick an image that fits. Your cover photo is relevant and should tell the kind of business you are running. Having an appealing cover photo that boosts the business image will capture the eyes of Facebook users, and this will help in adding on followers. Also, the cover photo is a marketing and promotion tool. You can use it to represent how your business appears in the business app or website. It makes clear who owns the brand and the kind of products one can find. An obvious correlation between the business page and the business website should be evident to customers.

Improve Recognizability

As a business manager, you will want to add a profile picture that is easy for your customers to recognize, like a company logo. Being recognized is vital since users can find you quickly and thereby get more likes. Your profile picture represents your business page throughout Facebook, to your current and future followers. It appears in the news feeds of your followers, in posts on your pages’ timeline, in replies to comments and also on your cover photo. A high-quality photo or logo will be ideal in making your business recognizable on Facebook.

Optimize the ‘About us’ section

Apps for business can be accessed through links found in the ‘About Us’ section. It is one of the first places that visitors look upon landing on a Facebook page. Therefore, filling it out with relevant information about your brand is crucial for the overall appearance, quality, and understanding of the page. Mistakes committed when filling out the about section is providing low details about the business and lack of keywords. Make sure you tell your story. Explain why your company is different, how you got started, and what you offer. The links in your About Page are clickable so add links to sections on your website where people can get more information. Adding contact information is also essential. You should have some way that is best for potential customers to get in touch with you.

Although few people read the ‘About Us’ section, it should be cultivating enough to capture the attention of those people who choose to visit it. A content that is interesting and profound will make your customers trust that whatever you are offering is the best.

Provide interesting News Feeds

Posting on your business page lets you remain a priority to people who are interested in your page, keep customers engaged with product information and business updates as well as reach a higher audience with boosted posts. Therefore, it is vital to provide the most exciting news feeds that gets Facebook users hooked. Firstly, prioritize quality over quantity. The visibility of your posts is dependent on the variety of the news feeds. Offer value by providing a favorable mix of content about your business. Secondly, post at the best times for your customers. Know your customers well to understand when is the best time to update about a specific product. Thirdly, avoid long posts. An aspect of your business may be fascinating, but a long post may sometimes become a stumbling block for your customers. To garner more likes and reach a more significant number of consumers, keep your posts short and sweet. Lastly, always focus on engagement. The best way to make users get involved with your business is by getting them involved. Try asking them questions and providing polls that steer up responses and conversations.


Once you have a business page is running, it is vital to start connecting with current and future customers. You can invite family and friends to like your page and hence give you an audience. Using the network, you already have a pool of followers. Also, creating a Facebook ad will help your business age to be known. The customs ads will appear in your news feeds. The ads appear as promotional updates which take users to your business website. Using the information provided by Facebook, advertisements can target customers who seem to like your products.


In conclusion with the world becoming a global village, apps for business have proved to be a key marketing strategy. Facebook Business has arguably more pros than cons and hence can help grow your business. With Facebook, the promotion speed of business is accelerated while reducing advertisement costs beyond national limits. To reach more customers within a given group customized advertisement posts are created. Almost anyone can access a mobile phone anywhere and everywhere and thus Facebook is an accessible platform. It is therefore possible to monitor your business increasing productivity.

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